Our company is and was part of many different projects, here you can find

what projects we were involved in and what solutions we have used.

Current projects

Complete IT support for EUCYS 2013 conference


Areas, in which we provided support:

  1. Rental and import of necessary technology
    • Computers, monitors, accessories
    • Notebooks
    • Network elements – switches, wifi, cabling
    • LED and plasma TV
    • Laser and ink printers
  • Preinstaled software
  • Infrastructure installation
  • User support for the whole conference

IT training for European social fond as well as for private subjects


Areas, in which the training is done:

  1. Microsoft Windows
    1. Basic administration (more info in document)
      • Directories, users and groups administration, printing, networking and sharing
      • Tasks scheduling, system monitoring, backup, updating, basic security
    2. Extended administration (more info in document)
      • System installation, file systems, swapping, setting national enviroment, time syncronization, HDD arrays configuration
      • Common problem solving, core architecture, events (syslog), performance monitoring, crash recovery, basic focus on sound, graphics and scenic effects
  2. Information technology security (more info in document)
    • Operational security (backup, availability)
    • Communation security (certificate function and management, encryption, autentization, autorization, electronic signature, electronic payments, firewall, VPN, Wlan, IDS)
    • Data security, attack types and defense against it
  3. Linux
    1. Basic administration (more info in document)
      • Linux distributions, open source licence, working with shell, basic commands, file system
      • X-windows enviroment, processes manipulation, enviroment settings, help system, creating scripts, communication
    2. Extended administration (more info in document)
      • System directories, user and group administration, printing, network configuration and monitoring
      • Init process, disk mounting and resources sharing, task scheduling, system monitoring, backup, updating, basic security
  4. TCP/IP (more info in document)
    • Routng, VLAN, VPN, WiFi, ethernet, optical networks, user authorization
    • IPv4 IPv6, DNS, VoIP, diagnostic a testing tools, local network configuration
  5. SQL (more info in document)
    • SQL basics, implementation preparation, database machines conception (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL SQLite,Oracle), structure design, practical excercises
  6. Management and IT
    • SW for management support, SNMP protocol, alert capturing, network, server and printer administration, values measurements, special function tests
  7. New technologies and procedures in sound work field
    • Basics of theatrical sound distribution – musical, drama
    • Practical usage of vocal and instrument microphones
    • Practical usage of analog and digital consoles in theatres
    • Practical usage of signal processors in theatres
    • Multichannel sound in theatres
    • Studio technology and microphones in practice
    • Audiovisual technology in theatres
    • Basics of acoustics and electroacoustics
    • Theory of high frequence and HD transmission
  8. New technologies and procedures in light work field
    • Audiovisual technology and projections in theatre practice
    • Basic forms of stage lighting and its specifics
    • Light Design – using LED a lamp lights in theatre practice
    • SW for light design in theatres
    • Light Design with practical demonstration in theatre
    • Lighting angle and color – combining and mixing colors, concept and creation of lighting style
    • Conventional and inteligent lights (efects) – types and working with demo electroinstallations, cabling and lining
    • Mediaservers, networking

Previous projects