Basic Information

If you are:

  • Owner/Manager of a company willing to focus on a trade,
  • Financial director wondering about how to save costs,
  • IT manager and you do not know what to do first.

You are on the correct address. Just in time.

Our company secures system support and provides outsourcing of IT services, typically for companies from 2 to 100 PC users. We provide them complete IT services – from the designing, realization, up to long-term LAN, WAN and VPN maintenance.

We work according to best practices from British norm ITIL with specialisation on Servicedesk.

DWC services are compliant with the standard ISO 9001 in scope Outsourcing of IT/IS services, Helpdesk and Servicedesk, Network, Infrastructure, HW and SW management and delivery.



Ing. Jiří Karel, founder of DWC s.r.o., operates in IT business since 1990. Company Dworkin Communication spol. s.r.o., nowadays DWC s.r.o. was founded in the year 1997 by Ing. Jiří Karel and Dworkin spol. s.r.o.. In 2011 DWC s.r.o. became independent. Our customers are frequently multinational companies. DWC cooperates with partners on Moravia, Slovakia, Hungary, Polland and Germany. Our goal is to have representation in every capital city from Visegrad region.


Scope of Service

Terms of the contracts including from technical assistance to companies own administrators for special cases /customization of serial software – such as Excel, installing and developing the SQL database, working in FoxPro, WAN, etc./, to full care technology with an emphasis on software. We are able to provide the reaction time according to the requirements of the client from 4 to 24 hours continuously for seven days a week.

Service of critical issues /such as servers, e-mail/ we handle within 4 hours from reporting the failure. Other services, depending on the customer requests, is provided within 8 to 24 hours. In Prague we usually intervene within 60 minutes. Special cases /such as cable distribution, disposable installation of a large number workstations, etc./ we handle by assistance of two external co-workers or with support of our business partners.

Ordinary we offer complete services including:

  • Administration of servers Windows, Lotus Notes, Novell Netvare and Linux
  • Interconnection of networks using the Internet, VPN, ISDN, ADSL, Wireless …
  • Security management
  • Management of e-mail applications /Internet mail, LotusNotes, MS Exchange server/
  • Automatic updates of installed software /particularly antivirus, SW patches, drivers…/
  • Hot-line on three GSM phones
  • Service of critical issues /servers, e-mail/ within 4 hours
  • Service of workstations and peripheries within 24 hours (NBD – Next Busines Day)
  • First-line service for all hardware
  • Fixed weekly hours of consultation/administration on the spot
  • LAN documentation
  • Our extensive experience with implementing and managing numerous IT systems in different organizational conditions
  • Supply of computer equipment, including mobile offices and cellular phones.

In addition, we are capable of providing:

  • Project management
  • Customization of products MS-Office, LotusNotes and SmartSuite
  • Design and creation of systems for decision support, presentation
  • Creating web pages and their placement, including an overall implementation of the Internet and Intranet
  • Hardware store for exchange /standby server, etc./
  • Accounting consultation

Professional background

Dworkin companies provide their services with IT engineers, IT technicians and IT students. All our staff speaks Czech /Slovak/ and English. Other used languages are French and German. Most IT engineers have a university degree and at least 5 years experience in the field. One IT engineer is usually in charge of around 110-170 users.

Hardware support

For our customers we also mostly provide purchase of branded and unbranded computing and technology for mobile offices.

Due to our focus on systems, we are not dependent upon one supplier of hardware and, therefore, we welcome the possibility of cooperation with the supplier of the customer.

Other activities

For other development of our activities we chose market with GSM, Wi-Fi, Blackberry and ADSL, especially mobile offices. Company Dworkin is authorized seller of companies O2 GTS and COL, Cisco and Zyxel.

Our company is ready to provide you certainty, safety and comfort of its services.