If you decide for complex outsourcing you will have advantages mentioned below:


  • Professionalism

Administration is provided by qualified experts. They work in a team, which means very good information base. Administrators have extensive experience from many sectors and companies, which may be used just for you. Dworkin© Company received quality certificate ISO 9001 in Provision of IT / IS services, Helpdesk and Servicedesk, network management and supply, corporate infrastructure, hardware and software.


  • Delegating responsibility

The bulk of the responsibility for smooth operation of software and hardware in your business is transferred to the management company, the DWC.


  • Flexibilty

External management is not provided just by one man. Therefore you will not have to worry, when administrator leaves for vacation or is sick. Part administration tasks can be also carried out “remotely” over the Internet.


  • Financial savings

Administrator services is used only if it is needed. The maintenance is appropriate to seperate in two parts: the regular, when it is carried out planned maintenance and on contingency, which is used for solving acute and unexpected problems.